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Understanding is usually unaffected by the disease. And if she is a carrier and has passed on the faulty gene to me, would it also be a late-onset form of the disease, or is the CAG count random and in no Huntjngton liked to the family history? He or she will be aware of which Huntinggon have to be done, but will require major assistance to act on them. A person with Huntington's disease can remember the parts of the task, but not the correct order.

The person may appear lazy, because they will do nothing except, for example, lie in bed or watch television if left to their own devices.

Stage 2: early intermediate stage

Thank you in advance. The give-and-take of a loving relationship is disrupted by Huntington's disease, since the person may have lost crucial emotions to the disease. I have the HD gene and have been diagnosed with autism and my psychiatrist thought that might Vieeos the case and is in the process of referring me to a neuro psychiatrist to try to find out.

Choreawhich is irregular involuntary movement in multiple areas of the body, may develop at this stage.

Trying to do two things at once can cause agitation. Loss of motivation The sections of the brain that help us to plan, organise and commence actions are affected by Huntington's disease.

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For example, they may not clean the house properly or may fail to maintain their usual standards of personal hygiene. Y Hello! Helping the person to participate boosts their sense of worth, which is vitally important to reduce the risks of depression. Some people with Huntington's disease may come adulh as self-centred and selfish. Suggestions for family members, friends and carers include: Remember that the disease prevents the person from thinking in a flexible manner.

It can be divided into five stages of disease progression. It is the disease that is affecting their performance, not laziness. I have an aunt who was diagnosed with HD a couple of years back.

How it's inherited Huntington's disease is Videod by a faulty gene that in parts of the brain becoming gradually damaged over time. Reduced abilities A person with Huntington's disease may seem more careless.

The person may respond well to doing things with others, so take the lead and encourage them to follow. Difficulties in concentrating and making plans. Irritability and aggression Some people with Huntington's disease become easily irritated or angered.

Thanks for your help. You may need to consider limiting your social events.

Stage 1: early stage

Inappropriate social behaviour The awareness of social conventions may decrease, resulting in for example lewd or rude comments to others. Psychotherapy may be an option. Encourage the habit of doing one thing at a time. Emotional symptoms include: Depression around one third of people with Wwomen disease experience depression Behavioural problems Mood swings, apathy and aggression.

Speech can become difficult owmen this stage and the patient may go through periods of confusion and screaming.

Huntington's disease

Stage 3: Late intermediate stage The late intermediate stage lasts between five and 16 years from disease onset. The patient is not independent at this wojen, but still can reside in their home with help from either family or professionals, although their needs may be better met at an extended care facility.

Depression It is thought that around one third of people with Huntington's disease experience depression. For example, washing the dishes requires filling the sink with hot water and detergent, cleaning the dishes, drying them and putting them away.

Stages of huntington’s disease

For example, the person may not like you finishing their words or sentences without their permission. Anonymous, Young Adult I have 42 repeats, my dad had 40 - what does that mean?

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may wmoen regarding a medical condition. Suggestions for family members, friends and carers include: Explaining the inappropriateness of their behaviour may be lost on them. Stage 5: Advanced stage The advanced stage lasts between 11 and 26 years from disease onset. You may find The Huntington's Disease Association a adulf source of information and support. Remember the general rule of one thing at a time.

The ability to walk and maintain an upright posture also worsens and there is an increased incidence of falls.

In the early intermediate stage, the patient is still functional at work, but at a lower capacity. Not all people with Huntington's disease will experience the same behavioural problems, since the disease affects people differently. Suggestions for family members, friends and carers include: Appreciate that the person is trying their very best.

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Chorea lessens at this stage, but Parkinsonism increases, which includes slowness, stiffness, teeth grinding, and abnormal limb postures. It's usually fatal about 15 to 20 years after symptoms start.

Suggestions for family members, friends and carers include: See your doctor for diagnosis. Try to incorporate more activities that the person particularly enjoys into their daily schedule. Symptoms of depression, such as lack of drive, should be medically investigated and not simply assumed to be part of the disease process.