Farrah Abraham's Bangin' Body - Top 10 Photos

Farrah Abraham has a damn fine bangin’ body and the former teen mama isn’t afraid to show it off, or any of her lady-parts that were pummeled by the porn star James Deen in her first sex tape video. Farrah is known for not being very private with her yummy bikini bod -  the sexy tabloid princess is known for even having sex toys made from her girly parts ( Farrah Full On Vibrating Pussy and Ass, for example). Let’s face it, the sizzling reality tv star is making money from her damn good looks and it’s paying off. She is currently living the life of her dreams and has a shitload of money to make sure her daughter is living the good life for years and years to come. Here is a collection of Farrah’s tight abs, tone legs, and perky tits - enjoy! Don't drool too much... 

1. BANGIN'. 

2. Get me some of that!

3. Damn! Damn! Damn! 

4. She makes me sweaty just looking at her. 

5. Looking healthy, Farrah! Looking nice and healthy. 

6. Can you believe she's had a baby?! 

7. Fine AF.

8. Let me take you home, Farrah!

9. Those perky tits. Damn.

10. Hot pink looks good on you, girl.