Farrah Abraham Has A Swollen Lip

Farrah Abraham is a reality star, sex tape maker, erotic author, pasta sauce creator, and singer. Recently, she decided to a launch her trilogy of dazzling books based her rich experience in the adult content industry. Being a twenty-year-old, her sexual escapades has endeared her to a fan base that like her erotic journey. Her candid nature on sexual matters at some point in 2013 nearly threatened her career at MTV show. Her sex tape with James Deen is what sparked controversy that led to her fame. There has been a lot of gossip going around Hollywood and online about the way forward after Farrah Abraham career stalled. Her whole reality television show did not work, and the porn profession has apparently stalled. The rumor is that Abraham has enrolled in a medical school.

The Backdoor Teen Mom reported that she had plans for opening plastic surgery practice due to her experience over the years. Farrah Abraham was quoted saying that the reason she has enrolled in medical school was to assist people in the society through aesthetic surgery to fulfill their potential in life after traumatic experiences. Farrah claims she is a doctor of the future through reconstructive surgeries for post trauma scenarios. Abraham said she took surgery more like a passion than an aspiration. Recently, Farrah Abraham swollen lips pictures broke the internet and people thought that a backdoor had smacked her face. The fact is that it was a lip injection done badly. Though the swollen lip medical procedure made her look like a monster, she still went ahead to post pictures of the lip injection online. Word goes around that she used the opportunity to advise girls of botched medical procedures. She believes that the procedure was safe but only that a significant allergic reaction is what led to the results. Remember that Farrah Abraham is no outsider to artificial pleasing to the eye body parts.